EDTC 300

My Feedly Adventures

After signing up for Feedly I was slightly overwhelmed with how many choices there were to follow within the site. I started by searching “classroom” to see what I could find. I found one blog page called Clutter-Free Classroom’ that caught my eye. Since I currently work at a before and after school program, I wanted to find some blogs that I would find useful in my work setting. It is not a classroom, but I do work directly with up to 75 kids a day, so I decided to find blogs that caught my eye for my future as a teacher, but also ones that could be of use to me right now. Another blog I chose to follow is called ‘iLearn Technology.’ I chose to follow this blog because after I finished exploring some of the recent posts I decided that it had a lot of cool app suggestions for within the classroom and to use when teaching lessons. Another blog that I decided to follow was ‘Cool Cat Teacher Blog Cool Cat Teacher Blog’ because the name caught my eye and the most recent article intrigued me enough to read. The article was called “5 Ideas to Include Every Child.” I liked this article because it was relevant to my job right now but also to my future as a teacher.

Once I found a couple of education blogs to follow, I decided to type in quilting into the search bar and see what I could find. I was able to find two blogs under that category that interested me and that I felt could be used as a resource in my learning project. I also decided to follow a dog shaming blog and a kitten blog because who wouldn’t want some animal love and humour in their feed!2018-01-28



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