EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Dusting off the Sewing Machine

So my learning project has had a fairly slow start – my dad could not find my sewing machine in the garage–fail! He finally found it for me yesterday though, Hurray! I did not get the chance to look at it yesterday due to my night class right after work so I had to wait until today to have a good look at it. I started by taking off the cover (big mistake). I was greeted with spider webs and major confusion and panic.giphy

Like WOW are there ever a lot of buttons and switches on this thing. My first thought was to put the lid right back on and run to my computer to change my learning project. As you can see, however, I managed to get a grip. I began to really look at the sewing machine and appreciate where it came from. After spending a few minutes looking at the controls and finding a good spot to put the machine, I decided to snap a couple of pictures and snag the instruction manual. I have spent some time tonight learning what things are and where things go (vague, I know). More specifically I have learned where the thread goes and what the needle position means.

I will be retrieving my fabric this weekend and then the real tests will begin. I have also been reading my quilting book and will continue to do so until I get my fabric from the farm. I will hopefully get to spend some time this week practicing sewing random rags together so that I can get a feel for the sewing machine and how it works!


2 thoughts on “Dusting off the Sewing Machine

  1. Hey Kaitlyn! This sounds like a great learning project and I like the visual aid. It looks like an older type of sewing machine, which sounds difficult to me. I semi- sew sometimes and its really relaxing once you get the hang of it. I look forward to seeing more of your learning project -Brooklynn


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