EDTC 300

A Slightly Less than Exciting Experience using Twitter Chat

My first Twitter chat was, unfortunately, not a very thrilling one. 👎

My Twitter chat adventure started when I found a chat that would work with my schedule, it was a chat for elementary school teachers, but I thought that being a education student would not interfere too much. I opened the Twitter chat, opened my TweetDeck, and waited…. Several long minutes went by with nobody saying word. In the meantime, I was able to get some valuable bonding time with my TweetDeck, which I found highly amusing despite the lack of conversation going on. I found our Twitter chat from last class and decided to go through and reread some of the stuff the class discussed!

After about 10 minutes, somebody finally spoke in the chat, hurray! Just kidding, turns out it was a another lost soul trying to join the Twitter chat- which still was not even happening yet. She said that she was new and asked how to join the chat. I could not answer her because I was not 100% sure that I had even successfully joined it. I waited for a little while longer, the new joiner continued to wait as well, asking her question on how to join a couple more times. Finally somebody new commented “Hello everyone #elemchat,” but sadly there were still no real guiding questions or conversations going on. I am not sure if I was in the wrong spot, or if I just picked a dud chat, but I cannot say that this Twitter chat experience was the best one to be had. I did, however, enjoy our mock chat that we had last Wednesday which gives me hope that in the future I will be able to enjoy a Twitter chat!



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