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We have a Square!

This week has been a surprisingly productive one as far as my learning project goes. I was excited and nervous to officially begin sewing, but luckily all has been well so far! This week I was able to practice sewing squares of fabric together using the cheap fabric I picked up from Walmart. It is not for the official quilt that I want to make, but for a smaller one that I am practicing on first. I chose to do a pattern of two matching squares with two random squares.

I am happy so far with how my project is going, but I am running low on thread, so next week may throw some new challenges my way.  I also have not learned what to do with my squares once I have the amount that I want. I will need to find some new video resources and online blogs to help me sort out some of my future quilting steps.

To make these squares I started by laying them out in the pattern that I wanted them. I then put the top and bottom square together and inside out. I lined up the edges and pinned them together and then repeated with the second set of squares. From there I sewed both of my sets of squares together.


I then had to match up the squares together and inside out again to sew each set of two squares together to make the set of four.


This took some time and patience as there were a few times where I accidentally sewed squares together in the wrong pattern or sewed them inside out. Once I got a little more confident in myself I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy myself for a bit. Once I had sewn quite I few sets of squares I decided to iron them flat as I was shown in an example video. This made them nice and flat and they looked much more promising after this step was complete

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6 thoughts on “We have a Square!

  1. Kaitlyn, what a cool learning project. I love how you have really started from scratch and have progressed so far in such a short amount of time! My grandma was an avid sewer- needless to say that was not passed along to me ha!

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  2. I didn’t know how difficult it would be to learn how to work and set up a sewing machine and sewing in general…I did a workshop on creating a story bag from scratch with using a sewing machine and it was a challenge!! What a great idea for a #LearningProject, Kaitlyn! You are way more advanced than I was! Your progression is great to see!


  3. Kaitlin, that is awesome that your learning project is finally coming together! I’m very happy that you chose to do a practice quilt first because there are so many silly mistakes you can make and it’s good to get an understanding of the project before starting the final quilt. I really enjoy all the pictures you have posted on this blog post of each step and the final look of a four patch quilt ironed vs not ironed. I really enjoy seeing your progress! When do you think you will be ready to start your official quilt?

    Your blog posts are definitely looking great!



  4. I love how you’re uploading photos of your progress! I think a quilt is a great idea for a learning project and it will definitely be useful once you’re done. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    – Julia 🙂

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