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Winding the Bobbin

Well it finally happened folks…. My thread ran out. This post does not have any big exciting advancements in my quilting project, however, I did teach myself to thread my machine properly and how to refill a bobbin.

My sewing was going well; I had managed to get at least 4 squares completed. I had planned to do 10 squares as my set goal for the day, but my thread and machine had other plans. I was halfway through my square when suddenly something felt off. I check my square to find that the there was no thread. I searched the machine to make sure that it did not just fall out of the needle, but that thread was still threaded properly.

max sigh GIF by The Secret Life Of Pets

Time to face my fear of running out of bobbin thread. 28907987_10155302238664599_1727753605_n

I decided the first step should be to get my instruction manual out along side my phone. I got my instruction video out and began to watch it while referring to the instructions for further guidance. After a ton of rewinding a many failed attempts, I finally got the machine threaded properly for the bobbin winding! As I was about to start the winding process, Simon decided to come investigate and ‘assist’ me on my skills. Unfortunately, his solution was to chew on the thread, so I left to go get the spray bottle.28829677_10155302239174599_208596193_n

While I was gone my brother was so generous as to video (rather than stop) Simon as he proceeded to chew completely through my very long tedious threading work.

Thanks to the chewing work done by my cat, I had to start over with my winding the bobbin thread correctly. Practice makes perfect right? tumblr_nwettqFiF21sztyb3o1_1280

After successfully rethreading the bobbin winder AGAIN, I got the satisfaction of seeing my hard work pay off as the bobbin refilled itself with the push of my pedal. 

Now, I definitely am not good enough at it to do it again by memory, but I do feel more confident that when the time comes, I will not have to rewind my video resource nearly as much, so it is a win in my books!



6 thoughts on “Winding the Bobbin

  1. Thanks for your post Kaitlyn! I really loved the videos you provided – helped me to have a better look into your learning process. I remember in grade 7 sewing class having to deal with the bobbin and dreading it SO bad! hahaha So I can imagine your struggle. Were there any videos online that helped you to do this? Or did you find the text in the instruction manual the most useful?
    Keep up the great work!
    Cheers 🙂


  2. I love that you have documented the entire experience here including the struggle of having a cat that is obviously a sewing prodigy. Are you finding quilting to be more difficult than you expected? It is something that I have always wanted to try but have never had the time to do it.
    Thanks for sharing your struggles. I can’t wait to see the finished product!


  3. Once I get the hang of something, I find that it is easier than I expected. I do however feel stress on my next step after I am done making my squares! I’ve been taking it slow so it has not been too bad yet though


  4. Kaitlyn, I enjoyed reading your blog post. Your videos gave huge insight into the learning process even the one with your cat ha. I remember taking a sewing class in high school that I had my grandma do my assignments for me ha! Looking back I wish I had learned how to sew! I can’t imagine how hard it is to learn. Great work so far! I look forward to watching more of your quilting progress.


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