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Bringing Technology into Classrooms

I think that bringing digital citizenship into the classroom is important. Technology is everywhere, and students will have access to it, whether or not it is allowed in the classroom. I think that classrooms are the perfect opportunity to address technology. By including technology into the classroom, teachers are giving students a safe place to learn new and innovative ways to use technology.

I think that a good way to start using technology in the classroom would be to teach students from a young age about the dangers that the cyber world can hold- without scaring them. Getting students to do learning computer games when they are young, and then slowly introducing them to researching or printing activities would give the younger grades a sense of how basic computers work. Having tablet or laptop activities for students would be another way to introduce technology into the classroom. As students get older they can learn programs such as Photoshop, 3D paint, or even website building. Also teaching basic computer skills such as Microsoft and typing.

This website had some creative ways to introduce or include technology in the classroom! I particularly liked the idea of creating a class webpage or doing game shows on PowerPoint. I have done jeopardy in class and really enjoyed how to engaged students. 

In ‘Character Education for the Digital Age’ Ohler says “School is an excellent place to help kids become capable digital citizens who use technology not only effectively and creatively, but also responsibly and wisely. But we can only do that if we help them live one life, not two.” I think that this really speaks to the importance of teaching students how to be responsible with technology instead of how to live a double life.  




One thought on “Bringing Technology into Classrooms

  1. Hi Kaitlyn!

    I also agree that bring technology into the classroom is a really great way to introduce students to technology, as well as teach them the dangers of it and how to leave positive digital footprints. When I was in elementary school, I remember always playing learning games online in the computer lab. This was one of the things I looked forward to as a child because being on a computer was so interesting. I agree that it’s important to teach students at a young age how technology works, and the basics of it is important because it seems like learning the basics is skipped over a lot. During my internship, I asked my grade 9 students to research a constellation, and none of them really knew how to properly research something. Educating students at a young about how to research will definitely benefit them when they reach higher grades. Creating a class web page is such a great idea to get your students online. Do you have any other ideas of how you would include technology into your lessons?

    Great post,


    P.S. One thing I would encourage you to add to your next blog post would be some pictures. It’s always nice to visually look at something that relates to the topic you are discussing 🙂

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