EDTC 300

Professional Star Wars Game Designer

I chose to try out ‘Hour of Code’ on my own- which was a fun experience! I picked Star Wars as my coding choice, and it went quite well. I could not record sound on my screencast, but I did take 3 videos to show my progress throughout the coding! I found that it was a very straight forward experience and that the video tutorials are a great resource. I think that this would be an easy activity to do with students and I think that the videos are helpful because students could learn on their own, without needing to wait for a teacher to help every time there is an issue. Students could work in pairs or alone with this website and it could be taught to multiple grades without a problem! I don’t know a lot about coding, but I think that this experience helped me to gain a better understanding on what it means to code. I liked that you could choose between blocks and text- I preferred to use the blocks, but I think that as I got better at it, the text would be ok to use as well. I think that with all of the importance technology holds in our world today, understanding computers is important. It is important for educators, but it is also important for the students. Coding was a new learning experience for me, and I had a lot of fun doing it. It is something I will show the kids at my job, and it is a resource I believe I will find useful as a future teacher. It is an excellent way for students to get creative and learn about something that could be useful to them.

My first screencast shows me trying to get the basics of this coding down. I screwed up my first attempt so I had to do it again, but got it right the second time!

My second screencast is me learning how to use the functions. It started with just arrow functions, but worked up to include adding new characters as well.

The last video I took is of the map you design yourself. I chose to incorporate a way to win in the map, as well as a point system!




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