EDTC 300

Here for a Good Time- Not a Long Time

Can you believe we have already finished another semester? Feels like just yesterday that we were beginning our online networking connections in class! Yet here lies my final EDTC 300 blog post. It is here where I will outline some of my networking experiences and connections that I made this semester! To begin I will talk about my Twitter experiences and the connections that I made there!


Learning about Twitter allowed me to follow some amazing people. Some of the accounts that I followed were professors, educators, blog pages, and the #EDTC300 class. I also gained some new followers on my Twitter profile!

I spent some time this semester updating my Twitter profile page and adding a bio. Katia taught us the importance of having a professional and easy to read profile page to help you gain followers and to avoid showing up as an egg. Adding a bio helps followers to know more about me and the tweets I may be making or interested in reading.

2018-04-16 (4)

I was able to use Twitter to share my blogs, and I was also able to use Twitter to participate in a Twitter Chat! I shared resources that I thought my followers would find useful as well!

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Blogging for EDTC 300 was such a rewarding experience for me. I got the opportunity to follow along with some amazing learning projects and I got to read some really insightful class related posts.

I enjoyed following along to some great posts about class content and I enjoyed writing my own responses for the class to read as they pleased! I got positive comments on blog posts that I wrote. Some examples provided are positive responses to a blog post that I made regarding twitter chats and one about Screencastify!

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Using blogs in class also allowed me to give tips, input, and advice to my classmates.





I got to follow along with some great learning projects such as Olivia’s dog training and Katelyn’s calligraphy! These inspired me to attempt calligraphy on my own (Major fail) and teach my dog to stay when presented with a treat (success). It was great to get ideas from other people’s learning projects and to see them progress! Seeing their success and setbacks both encouraged me and comforted me in my own learning project!

Blogging my own Learning Experience allowed me to get encouragement, questions, and interest from fellow bloggers. I had great feedback and insightful responses to my learning project blogs. This encouraged me to continue to make each blog post better because I wanted to keep my readers interested and knowing that people were following my posts made it easier to upkeep my blog site!

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Overall I really enjoyed this class and the technology experiences it provided me! Learning more about Twitter and Blogging allowed me to gain some great new followers and allowed me to make use of some excellent resources online.

Well folks, I think that is all I have left to say! Thank you for an amazing class and a ton of new resources to utilize!


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One thought on “Here for a Good Time- Not a Long Time

  1. Sounds like you had a great semester of learning! I found twitter to be the most challenging of all as I could not keep up with those darn tweets! What was your biggest challenge? Great final posy. You did a great overview of your learning and the pictures you included really helped me to see that! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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