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Here for a Good Time- Not a Long Time

Can you believe we have already finished another semester? Feels like just yesterday that we were beginning our online networking connections in class! Yet here lies my final EDTC 300 blog post. It is here where I will outline some of my networking experiences and connections that I made this semester! To begin I will talk about my Twitter experiences and the connections that I made there!


Learning about Twitter allowed me to follow some amazing people. Some of the accounts that I followed were professors, educators, blog pages, and the #EDTC300 class. I also gained some new followers on my Twitter profile!

I spent some time this semester updating my Twitter profile page and adding a bio. Katia taught us the importance of having a professional and easy to read profile page to help you gain followers and to avoid showing up as an egg. Adding a bio helps followers to know more about me and the tweets I may be making or interested in reading.

2018-04-16 (4)

I was able to use Twitter to share my blogs, and I was also able to use Twitter to participate in a Twitter Chat! I shared resources that I thought my followers would find useful as well!

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Blogging for EDTC 300 was such a rewarding experience for me. I got the opportunity to follow along with some amazing learning projects and I got to read some really insightful class related posts.

I enjoyed following along to some great posts about class content and I enjoyed writing my own responses for the class to read as they pleased! I got positive comments on blog posts that I wrote. Some examples provided are positive responses to a blog post that I made regarding twitter chats and one about Screencastify!

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Using blogs in class also allowed me to give tips, input, and advice to my classmates.





I got to follow along with some great learning projects such as Olivia’s dog training and Katelyn’s calligraphy! These inspired me to attempt calligraphy on my own (Major fail) and teach my dog to stay when presented with a treat (success). It was great to get ideas from other people’s learning projects and to see them progress! Seeing their success and setbacks both encouraged me and comforted me in my own learning project!

Blogging my own Learning Experience allowed me to get encouragement, questions, and interest from fellow bloggers. I had great feedback and insightful responses to my learning project blogs. This encouraged me to continue to make each blog post better because I wanted to keep my readers interested and knowing that people were following my posts made it easier to upkeep my blog site!

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Overall I really enjoyed this class and the technology experiences it provided me! Learning more about Twitter and Blogging allowed me to gain some great new followers and allowed me to make use of some excellent resources online.

Well folks, I think that is all I have left to say! Thank you for an amazing class and a ton of new resources to utilize!


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EDTC 300

Summary of Learning

Wow, another semester has finished up already! This class has taught me so many amazing new resources that I will use in my classroom and has given me more technological knowledge than I could’ve hoped for. I have learned so much about incorporating technology into the classroom and the importance of technology!

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Thank you EDTC 300 for a great semester of learning and new ideas! And thank you Katia for sharing all of your knowledge with us!


EDTC 300

Screencastify! An App Review

For my app review I chose to use Screencastify. I have heard Katia talk about it many times in class, and I have seen others use it in their blog posts. I was quite late to join the screen cast train, but I am happy that I have finally used it! I think that I was hesitant to start using this app because I did not have google chrome on my MacBook, and I did not want to download it just for the sake of an app. What finally got me to try it was my desire to film my Twitter Chat experience. I decided it was finally time to try it out, so I downloaded it and worked through the kinks that come with trying something new. Lucky for me I found Screencastify quite simple to figure out and I was quickly able to record my twitter chat experience! I then used Screencastify again when I was doing my coding on code.org. I loved coding on here and getting to record my progress throughout the hour of code adventure was great! It helped me to track my coding experience and share it on my blog!

I quickly caught on to using Screencastify on my browser and loved how easy it was to just click to top of my screen and have everything recorded. I played around with what I wanted to record, so for my twitter chat screen cast I did not screencast the entire screen, but for my coding screen cast I did!

I can see myself using this app a lot in the classroom because it is a great way to make useful videos that students can refer to, like the way we can refer to instructions in this class. I like being able to look back on video instructions that show me how to do something. It is a useful tool for students who may struggle to follow along to reading instructions or audio only instructions. This is just one more tool that can be used to diversify the ways we teach in the classroom!

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Overall I loved this app- I felt that it was simple to use, yet it contained all of the tools I would look for in a Screen casting app. I have never made a screen cast before, but I have heard of them and when I got Screencastify, I knew what I was looking for- and for the most part it had everything I needed! The only downside I found to it was that I needed google chrome to use it. I did not like this because I use Microsoft Edge and Safari as my two main browsers. At work I do not have the ‘clearance’ to download a new browser so I have to put in a request to have it installed on my computer if I ever wanted to use Screencastify there. Other than that, I would absolutely recommend this app because I think it is an important and useful tool!





EDTC 300

Say No to Cyberbullying

Carol Todd’s visit was appreciated; I learned a lot from her and took away ideas, insight, and knew knowledge for myself and for my future students. I watched the TED talk on Monica Lewinsky and was shocked. I was unaware of her story before watching her public speech which told the story of her online shaming. It shocked me because it happened such a long time ago, and while the cyberbullying looked a little different than it does now, it was still so similar. This surprised me because I didn’t realize that it was affecting people for as long as it has been. I felt sad for Monica and all the other people in this world who have suffered from cyberbullying.

I really appreciated the eye-opening speech that Jon Ronson gave in his TED talk as well. I felt like it was a new perspective on cyberbullying. He talked about societies habit of quickly taking offense to words said online and how society often all groups together to bash something said- even before they have stopped to consider if they are interpreting it correctly or not. People are quick to jump to conclusions and often times the “think before you speak” rule gets missed when it is a keyboard instead of your own words.

These TED talks, as well as Carol Todd’s visit, gave me insight on some of the ways that social media will be affecting my future students, as well as my future kids. It made me think of how quickly things can be turned against you and how we must make students aware of the online world so that they can make a difference. Teaching students to stand up to online bullying and to understand how others can misread your intentions are important lessons so that students can safely use technology. Making them aware of risks are important. It is sad to hear the stories of people who were victims of cyberbullying, but the awareness is necessary to improving the online world and making students and adults aware and safer internet users.

Attached is a short video on preventing cyberbullying that I enjoyed watching!


EDTC 300

Professional Star Wars Game Designer

I chose to try out ‘Hour of Code’ on my own- which was a fun experience! I picked Star Wars as my coding choice, and it went quite well. I could not record sound on my screencast, but I did take 3 videos to show my progress throughout the coding! I found that it was a very straight forward experience and that the video tutorials are a great resource. I think that this would be an easy activity to do with students and I think that the videos are helpful because students could learn on their own, without needing to wait for a teacher to help every time there is an issue. Students could work in pairs or alone with this website and it could be taught to multiple grades without a problem! I don’t know a lot about coding, but I think that this experience helped me to gain a better understanding on what it means to code. I liked that you could choose between blocks and text- I preferred to use the blocks, but I think that as I got better at it, the text would be ok to use as well. I think that with all of the importance technology holds in our world today, understanding computers is important. It is important for educators, but it is also important for the students. Coding was a new learning experience for me, and I had a lot of fun doing it. It is something I will show the kids at my job, and it is a resource I believe I will find useful as a future teacher. It is an excellent way for students to get creative and learn about something that could be useful to them.

My first screencast shows me trying to get the basics of this coding down. I screwed up my first attempt so I had to do it again, but got it right the second time!

My second screencast is me learning how to use the functions. It started with just arrow functions, but worked up to include adding new characters as well.

The last video I took is of the map you design yourself. I chose to incorporate a way to win in the map, as well as a point system!



EDTC 300

Hurray! A Successful #twitterchat

Today I finally participated in a Twitter chat!(Gif from giphy)

My last Twitter chat attempt was a bust, so I was excited to be successful in this one. While I only answered a few of the questions, I was able to participate and answer a few of the questions provided to participants. The chat that I joined was called #tlap ‘Teaching Like a Pirate’. While some of the questions were directly related to current teachers, I felt as though I was able to answer a lot of them even as a student. I loved hearing all of the positivity in the Twitter chat and I enjoyed reading some of the creative responses.

I started in the chat a little worried because I was struggling to find the question that was asked. My tweet deck was filling me with a bunch of “A.2” tweets, but I did not know the question in which I was replying to. I decided to wait and see if I could come across the next question instead. Lucky for me I did, and was able to answer question 3 and 4! I did not answer question 5 because I got a little nervous as it seemed aimed at current teachers so I took this time to read some responses and set up my first screencast! I decided to use screencast to capture my tweet deck experience and show how fast the tweets roll in. I was surprised to see that people jump in and answer any of the questions whenever they arrive. I avoided answering the first question because I was late to the party, but next time I participate in a twitter chat I will be less nervous and cautious.


EDTC 300 · Learning Project



This week I managed to finish the strips on my quilt… I also reached a major set back. 😦

Once I finished my 5 rows of strips I though I would just have to put 5 more strips the other direction and then I would be on to the finishing steps to the quilt, such as adding backing and batting and then sandwiching them all together. Sadly, this was not the case because I made a MAJOR mistake. uh oh oops GIF


So, I really did not think through what I was doing before I began sashing. I thought that once I was done all the horizontal rows, I would just add strips vertically to finish it off. I forgot that in order to hide the seams you have to sew the fabric together inside out and then iron it to flatten. Once I had the horizontal strips added, I went to take my next step.

The black patches are the couch showing through where white should have actually existed.

That is when my brain started to express its confusion because I knew how to properly sew my pieces together, but I did not understand why I could not do it now. ellen degeneres crying GIF

I literally stared at my quilt for a half hour before I realized what I had done wrong. What I should’ve done was sewed on my in between white patches onto my squares BEFORE I sewed my squares to my strips and attached them all.


Once I realized my mistake I had a minor meltdown.sad tantrum GIF This meltdown included throwing the “ruined” quilt to the floor and then dramatically laying next to it. I then stormed around the house for a few minutes before vainly attempting to sew on the little squares. I knew this would not work because once one side has been sewed on, there is no way to properly attach the other 3 sides to one another.

I spent the rest of the day pouting about my terrible mistake and picking out ideas for my new quilt (which would definitely not include a sashing pattern). The next day I decided that perhaps I should not be a quitter and try to learn another important quilting skill called seam ripping. I found a YouTube video that described how to properly dismantle my entire project and then I set to work. The nice thing about seam ripping is that you can do it basically anyway. On the bright side I have gotten through a lot of episodes of Scandal while I tear my hard work apart. Once I have the entire thing taken apart I will sew on patches to either side of each square, and then I will attach them back to the strips.


This setback may mean that my trial quilt may be the only quilt I accomplish before the semester is over, but I am now determined to sew another quilt after I finish this one.



Here is how my square should’ve looked after placing the fabric face down (see below).





EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Just Keep Swimming!

So, this week has been more progress on my strips for my quilt! Again, it is a slow progress, but I am feeling excited to be close to finishing this part of my quilt! I have completed 3 and a half strips and only have 1 and a half more to go (total of 5 rows). This week has been solely focused on getting my strips done, so this post will be short and sweet.




I had to rethread my bobbin this week and I was very proud of myself for remembering how to without using my instruction manual! Each time I finish a strip I also have to iron in, which is time consuming but very necessary for keeping everything neat and orderly. Here is my progress so far! 29250354_10155342657314599_790223078_o

It is a bit tricky because you have to remember which side each square attaches to on each strip and then re-pin each new square. 


EDTC 300 · Learning Project

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

This week has been spent sashing my strips of fabric onto my squares that I made. This has been a slow-going progress and is very time consuming. I feel as though I do not have a lot to show compared to last week, but only because I must pin the square onto the strip and then sew a straight line across the entire strip and 5 squares. This can be challenging because if you do not stay straight you can miss part of the square or sew a corner down in the wrong place.

This picture is from when I did not keep my strip straight. The corner of this square folded in on itself and so it not only missed a chunk of the corner, but also sewed part of the square onto itself.

Other than my slow moving sashing sessions, I have been trying to find some videos to guide my next steps. I need to add the middle of my quilt and the back piece. I will need to baste my quilt- “Basting in sewing is a technique that will help to keep two or more fabric layers from shifting while you sew. It typically involves sewing a row of long, loose stitches, either by hand or by machine.”

I found this video on basting, but the quality was not very good and I could not hear the instructions. I then found this YouTube video which gave me a clear understanding of how to add batting and backing to my quilt, as well as how to baste it by hand!




EDTC 300 · Learning Project

A Sashing Success

Well, I am officially able to thread my machine without any guidance- no instruction manuals and no YouTube videos needed. I have my cat to thank for this…  He has started to thoroughly enjoy chewing my thread off at every given opportunity, this has turned out to be a seriously inconvenient habit that requires me to rethread my machine at least once a day. The only positive to this is that I am now so good at threading it, that I could do it with my eyes closed.

On a more productive note, I have finally finished all my squares, found a sashing video that I like, and successfully ‘sashed’ my first section. This is the video I used; I liked it because it was strictly on sashing, so it got straight to the point. I also found it easily to follow along with because it she was sashing her own quilt while recording the video, so it was visually helpful not just auditory.

Sashing is when you put a fabric around your original squares to keep them from all touching. I am choosing to sash in my quilt because I don’t think that my random patterned squares would look nice together without a fabric in between. For my next quilt I will make it without sashing, however I did not realize this was an option when I started this quilt haha!

I have all my squares to sash, and then I will be moving on to the next step of my quilt; this will be finding backing fabric, as well as batting. I will explain more when I get to these steps. For now my focus will be on finishing sashing.

To Sash my quilt squares, I laid all of my squares onto the floor and spaced them out to the size I liked. I then measured my quilt and decided to make square 3 inches apart. Here is my first piece that I have sashed! I still have to do the in between pie